Flight Sim School Levels

The levels I use here are completely made up by me. Nobody else uses them. I just find this analogy with gaming useful for learning to play the game of flight simulation, well, and flight.

Typicaly, flight schools spend a lot of time on theory before you ever see an inside of an airplane or even a flight simulator. That’s not the way people get good at games. People get good at games by plying them over and over, trying things and failing. You can do the same with flight simulation because it doesn’t matter if you die. But just like with any game, part of success is muscle memory, part of it is understanding the rules of the game. And rules of aviation can be quite complex. So what do you learn first? If you just start googling you will get a library of things to read for any topic, that will lead to another topic, that will lead to another topic. Since flight simulation is very realistic these days, the lessons are essentially the same for real aviation and flight simulators. But maybe you don’t need to learn all of it right away

Aviation school tends to go deep right away, while you can enjoy flight simulation much faster by going wide and shallow first. Then over time, you can dig deeper into each vertical.